As a student-driven organization, the NBSA takes prides in being able to identify post-secondary students’ concerns and to develop evidence-based policy positions in response. We employ a professional advocacy and lobbying approach informed by primary and secondary research, and that incorporates regular meetings with key stakeholders and decision-makers. We also work with a number of provincial and federal partners for the betterment of our members.


As student leaders on their respective campuses, the NBSA’s Board of Directors engages regularly with students. Conversations held on-campus and across the university community help Board Officers and staff to determine our advocacy priorities. Board Officers also take part in bi-weekly meetings, sit on a number of issues-based committees, and participate in five annual conferences including policy and strategic planning and Advocacy Week.


The challenges facing New Brunswick’s postsecondary education sector are complex and acute, and we are proud to be the voice of students. To learn more about the NBSA’s advocacy priorities, please consult our most recent reports.

Board Serge Rousselle

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