The following are current NBSA policy principles. These policy principles guide the NBSA’s advocacy work. Policy is approved by the Board of Directors and arranged here according to the organization’s values.

The policy principles are up-to-date as of March 2017 and can be downloaded in entirety here and viewed separately below.

Access: [A]

01: Upfront, needs-based grants
02: Physical accessibility on campus

Affordability: [F] 

01: In-study income exemption
02: Summer earnings
03: Elimination of provincial student loan interest
04: University funding and tuition
05: Timely Completion Benefit

Quality of Life: [L]

01: Campus mental health
02: International student healthcare
03: International student retention
04: Unpaid internships

Quality of Education: [Q]

01: Student protection during job action
02: Experiential learning
03: SEED summer jobs program