The NBSA’s Board of Directors is divided into a number of issues-based committees. The work produced is used to help develop policy positions, to deliver student feedback to staff and to our broader stakeholder network, and to plan conferences and events.

Interested students from the NBSA’s member campuses and/or representatives of partner organizations are encouraged to join committees and can do so by contacting a Board Officer.

2015-16 Committees

  • Development 
    (Travis Daley, Megan Thomson, Jordan Tracey)
  • Early Intervention
    (Travis Daley, Katie Davey, Annie Sherry, Megan Thomson)
  • Student Financial Aid
    (Travis Daly, Katie Davey, Emily Fox, Shania Maguire, Dylan Wooley-Berry)
  • Youth Voting
    (Travis Daley, Shania Maguire, Dylan Wooley-Berry)